All profit from the Red Zone Rush will benefit Good to Go Kids, a local charity that feeds hungry children in our community. Weekdays during the school year, many children receive free lunches and even breakfasts through various programs designed to provide for their nutritional needs. However, on weekends, many of them go home to families with precious little food in their homes and few resources to provide what they need. That’s where Good to Go Kids steps in and provides bags of groceries for the children to take home. These bags contain staple food items like peanut butter, tuna, and cereal provided by the program. Volunteers pack the bags and give them to school staff members who make sure they get to the children. That way the children come back to school on Monday morning satisfied and ready to learn.

Brookwood Community Church is proud to provide the Red Zone Rush to support Good to Go Kids. It is our desire to raise funds for this worthy program and to highlight their work so that more people can get involved. Together we can make a difference in food insecurity in our community.